Skymann Video Update (2016)

Over the last year, Skymann has been experimenting with new series. I’d like to take the time to talk about the future of some of these series and introduce potential new series.

Current Series

First Time Reactions

This series is extremely fun to record, but not fun to edit or actually produce. Hence the 4 month hiatus on the YouTube channel. As such, I cannot guarantee the future of this series. Maybe someone else can edit it? Maybe I can go into it with a fresh mind? Maybe it needs a reboot? Maybe you can give your suggestions in the comments. In its current form, I plan to cancel the series after the 20th episode airs, which hopefully will be by December 2016 (no guarantees).


I don’t know why I haven’t posted new episodes of this series, but yes – it will definitely be returning. I plan to bring a new video on Jan 5th at 10am AEST. No clue what it will be. I have a week, I’ll find something. In the show’s current state, it will survive another 20 episodes.

peanut / montageparodies

You may not have noticed, but that silly montageparody of the kid doing stupid dares has a sequel. Created by Dan from Cold Banana, peanut 2 is well – interesting to say the least. It is renewed for 3 more videos before I consider ordering anymore – at that time I will consider whether the genre is even entertaining any more (considering it has been done to death). He uploaded it to his channel, but it will be up on Skymann once the intellectual property arrangement is in words (hopefully soon).

But what about swugafon dew?

You’ll have to wait for swugafon dew ~ Joey (2014)

With Dan making sucessors to peanut, I don’t know whether it’s worth continuing with swugafon. I’ll see what happens, maybe if some new meme emerges on /b/?. Even then, the problem with these kinds of videos is that they aren’t timeless and rely heavily on trends.

New series / projects

None of these new series have been confirmed, many are simply ideas. Most titles are tentative.

Introduce Yourself.

The video above is a pilot episode of what could be Introduce Yourself. starring Daniel (UK), the voice behind all of the previously discussed montageparodies. Just a 3 minute, fortnightly/monthly series where a somewhat interesting person talks about themself. The success of this series relies on whether I can actually get into contact with, and secure interviews with “interesting people”.


I imagine this TrailerTalk spin-off that talks about news instead of trailers being like this old video off of my not-Skymann channel. Maybe with less reliance on news clips. I don’t know whether I’ll bring in someone else to do this or whether I’ll do it myself but this series is definitely being considered.