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One Year Later: The Sims 4

Just over a year ago, picked up a Limited Edition copy of The Sims 4. I was hyped. I had played 5 minutes of the Create-A-Sim before pre-ordering it at EBX in on my birthday the year before.  Up until that point, I had probably played the Create-a-Sim demo that came out a month before for about a combined two hours. But, after my hyper fanboyism wore off (which is why I haven’t recorded a new let’s play of it since Episode 6). I just didn’t play the game. I didn’t know why, but it took about three-to-five months for me to realise that I hadn’t touched a game that was supposed to last me six years that I paid ~$90 for, for three months. I played laughably short sessions (maxing out at 10 minutes) in that time, but I had never taken the time to sit down and play it except for that session where I recorded the six episodes of my let’s play series for it. In fact, I had played more of The Sims 3 since Sims 4’s release than The Sims 4.

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